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1. How did your career start in make-up?
If someone had told me 7 years ago that I would have my own company involving make-up and photography,I would have probably laughed in their face. My career in make-up and love for it has certainly evolved into something that feeds my thirst for creativity.
It all started in 2006 after graduating a Fashion Degree in Menswear from Central St. Martin’s College of Arts, where top fashion names were born. Matthew Williamson, Mark Fast, John Galliano, Phoebe Philo, Zac Posen, to name but a few. I looked up to the elite, in the hope to become a member of fashion industry family.

However, after countless unsuccessful interviews with various fashion houses, I decided to look for temporary work to pay for the bills. I was fortunate enough to find a Temping agency which allowed me to work for various Beauty Houses such as Giorgio Armani, YSL, Stella McCartney and promote their latest fragrance launches.

After a few months, I was spotted by Lancôme where I began working as a beauty consultant. I was trained at L’Ècole Lancome on Skincare, Fragrance and basic Make-up and within a few months, I was requested to take an exam in order to join the Lancôme Make-up Artist Team.

Once I passed my exam, I received extensive training and was given the opportunity to do countless events around the UK such as doing the make-up for celebrities on the red carpet at the prestigious BAFTA Awards 4 years in a row.

After over 7 years in Lancôme, this has encouraged me to start a company called Jam Deluxe with my business partner Michal Szostek, where we offer hair,make-up & photography for portfolio, portraits, editorial, fashion and bridal clients. This really allows us to explore what we already know and challenge ourselves on things we have never done before.

2. What do you enjoy most it that profession?
I find it satisfying when I am able to give someone a confidence boost based on the make-up I have personally designed for them or even by teaching them new techniques that changes their normal routine. Everyone is a different canvas and this is a constant challenge that I love embarking on, therefore fulfilling my client’s need specific to them is what I believe to be the ART of make-up.

As well as the varied clientele I get, I also love the numerous make-up products that serve as my tools. Experimenting with them is really exciting.

3. What trends/styles are the most important to you? What period?
Although I anticipate and dream about the future of make-up looks and techniques, I still look at the past for inspiration and the era that I always look back to is 1950’s. I love how this period was so glamorous and represented freedom confidence for women. When I teach women how to apply their make-up, my main priority is to show them how to enhance what they consider as their most valuable facial features. I believe it’s important not to follow trends too much and find the common ground on what you feel comfortable with. My role as a make-up artist is to ensure your make-up is tailored made for YOU.

4. What are you dreams in regards to your career development in make-up and photography?
There are so many facets to make-up and there is always something new that I can learn from other make-up artists or even the clients that I deal with. Similarly with photography, being in various photo-shoots is invaluable; I can pick up tips that I would never have imagined! There are a lot of creatives out there who demonstrate their passion for their specialty by being innovative and thrive to push themselves to the limits. I would like to think that I am one them. I am looking forward to learning new techniques and seeing my skills develop and evolve.
5. What do you like to photograph the most?
It depends on what I am doing at the time. When I am doing research, I tend to photograph inanimate objects for texture and colour and this allows me to analyse them and further develop them into make-up stories. This can be anything from nature to buildings or even things I find in the streets.
When it comes to people, I prefer portraiture! I love capturing people’s vulnerability, the essence of who they are, whether they are masked behind make-up or not. I feel that people cannot show who they really are unless they have complete trust in me, once this trust is established, then the perfect shot is taken.
6. Mieszka Pan i pracuje w Londynie, opowie mi Pan coś o tym?? Jak wygląda rozwój osoby o takim zainteresowaniu w tym mieście? (You live and work in London, can you tell me something about it? How does development of a person with such interests look like in that city?)
I have been living in London for 15 years and I absolutely adore it! It is multi-cultural, dynamic, organic and fast paced so it’s important to keep up. As a make-up artist it inspires me with its long historical background and not to mention the countless museums that I often visit to keep my creative juices flowing.

London is a melting pot of talent and opportunity, where you can see and meet the most interesting people, from the tame to the bizarre. Networking is crucial for me as that is the only way you can get yourself known. As the saying goes “It’s not what you know but who you know”. You can easily explore different avenues of make-up that you may want to specialise in, i.e. media, theatrical, bridal, etc.

7.  What are you most proud of in terms of your career?
I am proud of working for a luxury brand such as Lancôme who has nurtured me in make-up and has given me the most amazing opportunities to work with celebrities and other make-up artists who have inspired me. Here are a few from my list of celebrities clients : Alexandra Burke,Gemma Arterton, Tim Sturgess, Poppy Delavigne, Alexandra Roach, Emilia Fox, Matthew Williamson, Olivia Williams, Talulah Riley, Joanne Froggatt, Laura Carmichael, Hilary Alexander, Bonnie Wright, Danniella Westbrook, Holliday Grainger, Shingai Shoniwa. Hairdressers who I worked with : Toni&Guy, Charles Worthington, Nicky Clarke, Ian Carmichael (hairdresser to The Queen)  Publications such as : British Vogue , Vogue Australia, Instyle, OK!, The Daily Telegraph, ES Magazine.

Of course starting Jam Deluxe has really given me the impetus to develop more.

8. What can I wish for you?
I would Jam Deluxe to expand to the point where we have different teams of make-up artists, hair stylists & photographers travelling to our various clients around the world.


Magazine : http://www.e-makijaz.pl


Hair : Michael Sz

Make-up : Jaysam Barbosa

Photography : Jam Deluxe www.jamdeluxe.com

Styling : www.justmycupoftea-aya.blogspot.co.uk

Models: Rachel C.  Sophia J.  Patricia P.



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  1. interesting reading, pleasant interview with a proffessional attitude towards future career & business opportunities, im sure the doors to all your expectations will open for u both !

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